Thursday, 10 July 2008


The photo is of the same poppy taken yesterday the 9th July 2008 in my garden in East Yorkshire UK, Macro setting was not used the setting for my Camera was AV with the F setting at the lowest I could obtain with the fastest shutter speed, then waited and waited for the wind to drop.

It is the first poppy I have ever had! The seed must have either come from a bird or even blown in, at first I thought it was a weed but am glad I left it to grow as I had never seen this weed before, after a month it was clear that the leaves were of the poppy family, again when it opened yesterday I could not believe the colour/color, today I saw four more buds getting ready to open, hope you like them.


Sara said...

The petals are a beautiful shade of pink, with that burgundy also...and the yellow center - very pretty. I'm glad you didn't pull it up as a weed!

Brian, if you want a new photo challenge, Anna Carson Photography has started a new color: Project Black!

Brian said...

HI Sara,
I am also glad I left it to grow, so pleased you liked it.

I will have a look at Anna Carson Photography as it sounds interesting.

Take care