Friday, 25 July 2008


Out of the Darkness photo taken in Berlin on our visit in June this year. The statue was on a bridge close to the Berliner Dome late a night. It looks far better in black and white then it does in color/colour, hope whoever visits this likes and comments would be nice.

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Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Yes, I think this would probably look better in black & white as I know when I photograph statues I normally put them in B&W, it seems to enhance the details much nicer! You did a really good job on this one.
Your blog is awesome... enjoyed looking through your archives... especially enjoyed the pictures from Burnby Gardens... stunning photograph!
I thank you for you warm comments on my blog and for linking me... much appreciated!
I would love to do the same on mine as I find your style very fascinating!
Mountain Retreat Photos

Brian said...

Dear Michele, thank you so much for you kind comments, this is such a nice way to see other countries from around the world. I use my camera as therapy and it works, and when I get so many nice comments it's all worth while. We are just starting the weekend here in Yorkshire, and you will not be far behind, so I wish you a lovely weekend.