Friday, 1 October 2010

North Yorkshire Moors and Whitby on a rough day September 17Th 2010

A bleak day out on the North Yorkshire Moors driving from Kingston upon Hull to Pickering then to Whitby stopping off to take photographs the first being of RAF Fylingdales Radar Station.  The rest from just at the beginning of Whitby pier, it was cold windy and rough so did not stay long, hope you like the photos I did take and please comment if you wish...

Thursday, 30 September 2010

A day at Kilnsea and Spurn 3rd July 2010

This was the day I fell from the sand dunes and hurt all my left side and knees, look at the first photograph of the light house and the road in that photograph is the road I landed on. The first three photos are from Kilnsea and shows the erosion of the coast. Kilnsea is where you turn right to drive to Spurn along a narrow strip of sand with the dunes above and to the side of you, in places it is nice to see on one side the North Sea and on the other the River Humber. The other where the old light house is the River Humber, and the men fishing in the North Sea....This can all be seen clearly on Google Earth.... 

Monday, 27 September 2010

Enochdhu and Killiecrankie Scotland May 2010

This brings me to my last post for this short holiday in Scotland in May this year. We travelled from the West Coast across into Perthshire along the A9 heading into the Highlands at Pitlochry we took the A914 to Enochdhu where I took the photos of the Cottage and paddocks, our friends Jim and Kate live in the cottage and we stay here when in this part of Scotland...

Travelling back along the A914 we took the B8079 at Pitlochry towards Killiecrankie before Killiecrankie the road turns left across the bridge which has a parking area on the far side it was on the this Bride that all the other photos were taken...The river below is the river Tummel which flows into the river Tay a few miles down steam...  


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Oban and Inveraray Scotland May 2010

Today we visited Oban on the West Coast of Scotland spending a few hours on the harbour side where all the photos were taken apart from the last two which are in Inveraray, we arrived there by driving across the mountains staying off the main roads this was a far longer drive but well worth the time it took... The route we took can be followed on Google Maps or Google Earth, the set is also on Flickr where they are geotagged so you can see the places they were taken .... 

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Scotland south down the Ayrshire coast May 2010

Driving down the Ayrshire coast I headed towards Maidens, Turnberry and Girvan .

The first four photos were taken from the small pier at the village Maidens.

The next two at Turnberry were the famous golf course is located.

The last two at the village of Girvan the last photo being of the Ailsa Craig from the shore. 

This was all done trying to keep out of the rain and wind which came and went at will.    

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Firth of Clyde Scotland May 2010

Today we travelled up the Firth of Clyde a beautiful river. All I wanted to photograph was the river itself even if empty! So from the town of Largs to Inverskip and onwards to Gourock near Port Glasgow. There are only six photos from today as tiredness set in and my camera felt like a ton weight. 

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Dunure Castle and Village Ayrshire Scotland May 2010

The day after we left Glasgow and its bridges and travelled to Ayrshire and took time out to photograph the small village of Dunure just south of the town of Ayr itself..To get to the village one has to leave the main road A719 or this tiny hamlet consisting of a few small cottages and a pub with its old ruined castle would be easily missed.