Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cruise day 7 Barcelona July 2011

These first 8 photographs of Barcelona were all taken from a moving coach, the first one is when we enter the main area of the city!
The second two are of protesters protesting about the state of the EU and taxes.
The next three are the building by Antoni Gaudi these are house!
The last two are one looking towards the famous Temple dedicated to the Holy Family the Temple's name is La Sagrada Familia Temple (Holy Family) my next post will show this in more detail!!!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Cannes day's 5 and 6 of our cruise May - June 2011 from Southampton

Sailing to Cannes from Gibraltar after the explosion, we encountered some bad weather and the seas became  rough, for the folks who suffer travel sickness this was not a good night...The first 4 photos give some idea of the condition's however by morning it had all settled down as we approached Cannes famous for its film festival, and rain, umbrella sellers and sellers of shoddy goods while your trying to enjoy a coffee, needless to say I do not like Cannes and only photographed one building!! We also had to be ferried from the ship to land! 

I could not wait to leave, and was glad to hear the captain announce we are about to sail for Barcelona!!