Wednesday, 30 July 2008


This is the final photo of the Brandenburg Gate/Tor the sun was on the other side that is how I managed to catch the light under the horses, at the time the gate was fenced off when all photos were taken it had to done through the fence, to be honest it looked a right mess but I saw beyond that and the beauty of this monument.

The Bode Museum was taken at 21:45 and I had to wait for the sun to come from behind another building, and you can see what that extra light did for the photo. No flash used and you will see that my hand was not that steady.


Texas Travelers said...

Great post on all of the B's and terrific photos.

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Troy and Martha

Barbara Martin said...

Your photographs provide a wonderful visit to Europe and the UK. I have never been to Berlin, yet your photographs transcend the distance, evoking creative thoughts.

Brian said...

Dear Barbara, thanks so much for your kind comments, I shall be posting more of Berlin and Potsdam later in August.

Have just visited your blog and left a comment for you, I think it is so good the way blogging brings people so much closer together in a positive way.


Arija said...

Is that a sunset glow on the gate I spy? They are certainly the best lighted photos I've seen of those particular monuments, including ours where the light is always so drab and the bronze a sickly green.

Really nice blog.

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