Tuesday, 5 August 2008


I came across this carving in the grounds of Burton Agnes Hall, there are about 9 in all, the others will be posted on my return in about three days from today. It looks as if the wood could be ply and the carvings coloured to simulate bronze. You need to click on the photo to see it at it's best and read the words.

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ellen b. said...

What beautiful carvings Brian. The beginning of understanding true forgiveness...

Texas Travelers said...

Really nice photo when enlarged.
Good job on photographing the carvings.

Our "C" is Here.
Come visit,
Troy and Martha

shutter happy jenn said...

Wonderful carving! May the Father forgive us for doing lots of things.

My C post is HERE. Please stop by if you have some time. It will be very much appreciated. Happy Wednesday!

leslie said...

What an amazing carving! Gave me chills.

Gary said...

Impressive carvings - they look almost bronze.

Great idea for ABC.

Bodge's Bulletin

Denise said...

Lovely words, in this day and age such simplicity is a new found wonder.

Bear Naked said...

When the photo is enlarged you see all the wonderful detail of the carcing.
Good job.

Bear((( )))

AphotoAday said...

Interesting... Your mention of thinking that they were plywood treated to look like bronze or copper reminds me of the new coatings they have these days that do just that...

Lynette said...

Good job on your ABC Wednesday post! I like it.

chanpheng said...

Beautiful photo of incredible carvings!

My C contribution is here. Hope you enjoy the pictures of Laos.

Carletta said...

So glad I enlarged it - beautiful.
Well done.

Sara said...

These are beautiful, and I look forward to seeing the rest of them. I love the message they are imparting too.

Barbara Martin said...

Forgiveness is the route to enlightenment. Beautiful carvings.

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