Sunday, 10 August 2008


Here are the full set of carvings from Burton Agnes Hall this set includes the one I posted for ABC Wednesday last week.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and still do, the words say it all just have a read, there is more to see if you enlarge the photographs.

Depending on the light is how they appear to be different colors/colours, deep or light bronze. You will notice I have shown one carving twice, no reason why!!

The frist picture is the beautiful Burton Agnes Hall the Hydrangea bushes that can be seen, are all around the hall and all the same color/colour.

Close to the church tower that can just be seen, is were I found the carvings, to visit the church you have to leave the grounds and take a short walk.


Sara said...

You certainly has a lovely day, what a bright blue sky that is! And the lady's pink blouse makes a nice complement to the pink hydrangeas. Thanks for showing us the rest of those carvings.

Barbara Martin said...

When one goes on adventures, one never knows what they will find. This is certainly a treasure worth showing others. A nice reminder for the future.

Thank you for linking my blog here.

Brian said...

It was a pleasure to link to your blog.

Thank you for you kind comments

Rambling Woods said...

You do have to enlarge them to really appreciate the colors and textures