Thursday, 26 June 2008


Hornsea Mere is the largest fresh water lake or Mere in East Yorkshire, I stand to be corrected on this point, It's on the East Coast of England south of Bridlington.

To explain the blue of the water it was a very sunny day bright blue skies and with the water being shallow it makes it look more blue then it is.

Not one person had a rowing or sailing boat out the day we were there, the again even being sunny it was very cold and at times windy, as you can see even the geese sheltered under the large tree.

The same person being in the photo three times was put together from three different photos taken first from one side of the seat then the other and last from standing at the back by my friend in RAW format, they were then put together in Photoshop.

Please click on photos to make larger and see more detail!

My next photo blog will be of Burnby Gardens they have the National Collections of water lillies as well as beautiful walks and gardens.


Sara said...

That's a large flock of geese!

Very interesting about the fake triplets...I don't have photoshop, but I know many interesting things can be accomplished with it.

I think my favorite is the boat alone with its reflection in the water.

Brian said...

Dear Sara, thank you for you comments, the geese were trying to keep out of the sun and protecting their young.

Yes photoshop is good to do interesting things with,so I just had a bit of fun.

Love the new picture your are using for you site, but I must say I did like the ones of you.

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