Thursday, 5 June 2008


Some Blue and Yellow photos from Skegness in the UK taken April this year.


Robert said...

The patchy blue clouds are my favorite. I love a sky like that. You could put anything in front of it and I'd like it. Well, just about anything!

the teach said...

Love your "blue" photos, Brian! I've only been to London in England. would love to visit so much more of your country... :)

Brian said...

Robert, Thanks for comments will have to see what I can do in the way of clouds, my blog on Princes Street Edinburgh and The Firth of Forth recently has some clouds if you would like to view.

Your blog Thoughts of a Father is very good.

Brian said...

The Teach, Thank you for your comments, I really do hope that yopu like the others views of the UK on my blog. Had a look at your No Comment blog very good.


Raven said...

I love them all. I don't think I can pick a favorite because each has it's own unique quality that makes me like it. The one of the tower reminds me of an antique post card. Now I have to go look at your motorcycle pics. I liked the first one best on those. I agree about the reflections and it's an interesting perspective as well.

Sara said...

I love Ferris Wheels! You got some great angles and beautiful colors. The shot from under the pier is interesting too. Love the old wrought iron fence around the waffle sign....left over from Victorian days I imagine...beautiful designs to it.

Brian said...

Dear Sara, I remembered you loved Ferris Wheels as you call them, from my other blogs. The photo under the pier I managed to do that by lighting the underside.
The old wrought iron fence runs the full length of the pier down both sides, you are right it is Victorian from the first pier. I do have some more photos of the fence that I will post at a later date.

Thank you for your comments.

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