Friday, 13 June 2008


The inside of Howden Minster turned out to be a beautiful surprise, quite small for a minster but so nice, the big red banner was the first thing I saw and then the stunning stained glass windows, I must have had my eyes shut not to have noticed them before the banner.

The glass so I understand was made in Belguim I was told that is the reason for them retaining such vivid colours or colors. Sorry there are only six photos this was due to a private service taking place and i did not want to spoil the service with the click, click, click of my camera.

If you wish to make the photo of the eagle bigger you will see a face in the ball the eagle has it's claws around, it is just a face of someone watching me taking the photo.


Sara said...

Well, I finally made it back here to see those amazing windows. (I think I use the world "amazing" too often....need to consult a thesarus for useful synonyms!)

I find it interesting the windows are so blue on their backs outside, but so full of brilliant color from the inside...I was not expecting that. I imagined them being all shades of blue. Perhaps that blue backing adds to the wonderful deepness of the colors inside.

Very lovely; thanks for taking these and sharing them.

Brian said...

Dear Sara,
I asked about the windows having such vivid colours and it is all down to the fact that they were made in Belgium and their glass keeps it's colours better, it even surprised us when we saw them from the inside.

Glad you like them and it's a pleasure to share my photos with such a lovely helpful Lady, who gives such encouraging comments, thank you.

mrsnesbitt said...

Hi Brian, well what a small world eh!
We too are yorkshire born and bred and live just outside Whitby, on the moors. Loved reading your blog and hope you'll join in with ABC Wednesday.Great to see the motorbikes at Skegness, we'll have to go there one day when the sun shines....s u n have you heard that word before? LOL!

Brian said...

Hi Mrsnesbit, thank you for your comments, it is a small world however you live in a lovely part of it! Skegness is great and yes having the sun that day helped, I have lost in somewhere on the journey home, if you find it let me know.

I shall have a look at Wednesday and join in, it was so kind of Sara to let us know about your blog.

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