Saturday, 19 April 2008

Out-Side Beverley Minster

Photo taken from Beverley Westwood Saturday the 19th April 2008 at about 13:07 UK time, on a very bleak cold day.


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Bleak day or not, this is still as pretty as a postcard. So majestic.

Anonymous said...

WOW... beautiful photo shots. I enjoyed viewing all of your nice pictures of Beverly Minister. I visited Kent in 2006. I'll have to share some pictures with you. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures . I commend you for your volunteer work.

Brian said...

Dear lavinia ladyslipper, thank you for your kind comments, sorry to say but today is just as bleak with light rain, however if I see a chance of a good phto I shall take it.


Brian said...

Dear Bachelor,
Glad you dropped by my blog and liked my photo's, taking them is very therapeutic and helps with my rehabilitation. And added to that is the chance to read and see other blogs which all inspire me, but ONE more then others.
My volunteer work is very satisfying and important to me, to see someone smile, and take control of their life again is more rewarding then any pay cheque.

Will pop over to your blog later, thank you for you kind comments.


Sara said...

It's a beautiful photo, and that cathedral is very majestic. I really cannot imagine what it must be like to live in a country with so many historic and lovely structures..I would be overwhelmed by the thought of the centuries of people who worshiped and/or fought, lived and died with Beverly Minster a part of their everyday lives.

Brian said...

Dear Sara,
So pleased you get pleasure from my photo's, Yes I am very lucky to be able to go round and see these places and you can just walk in sit down and be as peaseful and content as you wish. I also find it hard to imagine the wonders you also have in your country, the size of it for one is mind blowing, and from what I have witnesed from blogging and from yourself some wonderful friendly and helpful people, and you are right at the very top.