Tuesday, 1 April 2008



Sara said...

Wow, you have some fantastic photos here! Loved the London Eye, of course, and the bridge with the "bullet" building in the distance.

Where is that intriguing fountain located?

Did you notice in the OXO photo that the "oxo" letters are sort of echoed by that bicycle on the balcony below....very clever of you!

Thank you, Brian, for your kind words and comments. I am enjoying seeing places "across the pond" though your lens.


Brian said...

Hi Sara,

I will just have to go and take some more photo's after your lovely comments. I had forgotten that the water between our two countries was called "The Pond"

Yes I did notice the bike whoever put it there did me a favour, the fountain is at the Honrimans Wharf and just outside is were I took pictures of HMS Belfast right on the embankment, if you go out the other end you are at London Bridge Railway Station. Both places are just a few hundred yards from London Bridge.

The bullet building you can see in the distance between the towers of the London Bridge is called the "The Gherkin"


Sara said...

Hello again Brian! Thanks for the comments you just left on Come Away With Me, I appreciate that!

Ah, The Gherkin...it still looks more like a bullet to me than a gherkin.

Wow, it's difficult for me, sitting here on a Sunday afternoon in Southern California, to imagine it snowing outside. But, to make you feel better, it's not real warm and sunny here today...the sun breaks through now and then but the clouds are hiding it most of the time.

M.KATE said...

Hi Brian, i love this post, definitely want to sit on the London Eye one day, have a fantastic week ahead :)

Brian said...

Hi M Kate,

Thank you for your comments and that you love my post, I really hope one day you get to sit on the London Eye, it is something to remember and a walk along the south embankment just completes a great day.


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

What a cute sand sculpture!

Brian said...

Lavinia Ladyslipper,

Yes cute as you say and on the banks of the Thames who would ever have thought that.

Kind regards

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