Sunday, 20 April 2008

Scotland on the banks of the river or rather the Firth of Forth April 2007

These picture were taken April 2007 on a short holiday to Berwick upon Tweed and Scotland this day we spent on the banks of the river Forth at the village of Queensferry on the far side is the Kindom of Fife. The first picture is of Steve, Debbie and my loving wife Pat.
You will notice that the rail bridge in under repair and we are surrounded by very dark clouds, but the rail held off.


Barbara said...

Some good photos Brian of the Bridge, expecially with the train.

Brian said...

So glad you liked them, going back next Monday. just sent comments on your blog you also take lovely photo's love the clarity and depth of focus in them.


Sara said...

Several years ago I read a series of novels by Jane Duncan, about growing up in Scotland, and she mentioned The Firth of Forth more than once. I just love the way those words sound: Firth of Forth!

Those bridge shots are amazing.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Very unusual, very arresting design. One never knows what one will find when one pops over to your site...always a pleasing eyeful.


M.KATE said...

nice pictures as usual, the last time i went there was for my convocation, and i've got 2 awards for you, an E for this excellent blog and a another nice one..if you dont mind the teddy bear :)

Willow said...

Hello Brian,
I came over from Sara's blog. I'm one of the three who visited Getty Villa.

I am looking forward to your posts about York Minster. I was in York and visited the cathedral in 2004.


Brian said...

Going back to Scotland next Monday will vist the Firth of Forth and the bridge to see if they have finished the work. Your last blog was just fantastic I nebr tire of looking at you photo's.


Brian said...

Dear Willow, yes saw you sitting next to Sara in the photo when you all stopped for a meal it was just lovely to see and read about friends having a fun day. I have posted some photo's of York mainly going to the and outside the Minster will be posting the ones taken inside tomorrow, I hope they bring back good memories for you.

Kind regards

Brian said...

Dear M Kate,
Thank you for your kind comments, no objections at all to a teddy bear, I wish I could capture the colours you do with you photo's.


Brian said...

Dear Lavinia Ladyslipper, so pleased to read you think my photo's and blog are a pleasing eyeful, thank you.
Kind regards