Sunday, 27 April 2008

A Day inside York Minster April 22nd 2008 Prt 3 End

These are the last 15 photos, the first one is the famous Rose Window.


Willow said...

So beautiful and so overwhelming when we visited. There was so much to see that my eyes and mind went in to overload.

We loved sititng in the chapel and listening to the singers!

M.KATE said...

very beautiful shots brian..

Brian said...

Dear Willow so pleased my photos have brought back happy memories of your visit to York Minster.

Thank you for your comments.


Brian said...

Hello M Kate, thanks for commets on my photos some are nearly as colourful as your photos.


Sara said...

I've been belatedly wandering around York Minster via your photos....what an astounding place. I hope one day I can see it in person, or another place similar.

Brian said...

Dear Sara,

Am pleased you like the photos, if you ever do get across to see it in person, let me know my wife and I would love to show you and your husband round York Minster. I shall be posting some photos of Saint Paul's in London soon, but only the outside this time far to many visitors to even get your camera out inside.