Wednesday, 23 April 2008

A day In York and York Minster April 22nd 2008

A nice day I spent with a friend in York and York Minster. The first building we saw was The Merchant Hall, built 1357-1361, the first three pictures.

The next pictures were taken in and around the Shambles and High Petergate, leading to York Minster.

To see what is written on the drum like structure in the picture below make larger and you will be able to see read who the lady is!!

The large round window is known as The Rose Window and is one of the most famous windows within the Minster

Work being carried out on the Minster

The next pictures will be inside the Minster.


Sara said...

Gorgeous photos! I feel almost like I have visited in person.

I got sidetracked for a bit checking out the website for the Whitby Jet Shop....since the sign in your photos also showed their URL, so I went there. I had no idea jet jewelry was still being made...I've read about it, of course, in novels and always associated it with Victorian times.

I also enjoyed the close ups of the architectural details, like those overhanging eaves and those old, old timbers on the half-timbered buildings....I'd be in heaven to walk down those streets in person!

Thanks for the tour; I'm looking forward to seeing the inside of York Minster.

Brian said...

Hi Sara,
Thanks for your encouraging comments they really do help much more then you will ever know.

Yes, Whitby jet is still made but you are right it is associated with the Victorians, glad you could read the web address, Whitby however is more famous for the Abbey and Bram Stoker's Count Dracular. There you have given me something else to do when the weather is warmer a nice drive to Whitby, with my camera.

Your tour of the Getty Villa was fantastic I just love seeing parts of America through your eyes, camera and words.

I have also had some very kind comments from your new friend Willow.


Willow said...

Oh yes! That is just exactly how I remember York. We walked past the Merchant Hall one evening. There is a nice yarn/needlework shop in The Shambles.

We attended Evensong in the cathedral. The next day we toured the minster and marveled at the Rose Window.

Willow said...

As I was reading the comments about Whitby and jet jewelry, I recalled that we drove over to Whitby and looked at the ruins outside of the town. But we did not stop in Whitby--it looked like a crowded seaside town and parking was a horror. I'll look forward to seeing Whitby through your eyes.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Ah, Minerva...she was a wily one, I think.

These photos make this storybook corner of the world come alive.

Very nicely done.


Brian said...

Dear Willow,
Thanks you for your very positive comments , the Shambles does have some lovely quaint shops but not all owners like you to take photo's so one has to be careful.
It is very nice to help bring back such nice memories for you.

Agree Whitby is hard to park a car and can get very busy, but I shall post some photo's later in the year so you can see it as you say "through my eyes"

Kind regards

Brian said...

You took the trouble to read the message, thank you.

You have made me so happy saying my storybook corner comes alive, that is alovely thing to say.

Kind regards

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