Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Blenheim Palace 2nd September 2013

Blenheim Palace at Woodstock Oxfordshire is stunning with fantastic grounds and gardens, however having walking difficulties made it hard to get around, due to some paths being laid with the large stones or gravel used as a base, also long walks to find disabled toilets. Also I must point out that £36 is a lot for two people to pay, well in my opinion it was! One visit was enough for my wife and I. However do not let me put you off your opinions and views could be totally different and encouraging. 

This set has five photos outside in the ground and nine within the palace. 

Photos taken by Brian Archibald September 2013 all rights reserved


Sara said...

Hello Brian. We visited Blenheim in 2009 and it was certainly impressive. I cannot imagine such a huge, grand place like that being one's home! We found the guided tour a bit uninteresting so skipped out halfway through and went exploring on our own. The grounds are so extensive it boggled our minds. We enjoyed one or two of those graveled pathways and had tea and cakes in the little cafe. I think I liked the Library best of the the rooms we saw. What I remember most are the very large eyes painted on the ceiling above the front entrance! Not sure what the story of those was.

Brian said...

Hello Sara, we also enjoyed visiting the cafe and the library seeing we both love books, however my reading is somewhat slower after my strokes. My next set will be more of the grounds and the area named The Secret Garden, did you find tucked away in a far corner?