Sunday, 2 February 2014

Around Oxford 1st September 2013

Out and around Oxford on the 1st September 2013, I have very little idea where most of the buildings are, the University buildings I saw as I drove around the streets if I liked them I stopped and photographed the beautiful structures.

Oxford is so beautiful and has such a verity of architecture all beautiful, even within the city centre.

The last photo of a public house The Rickety Press is a wonderful place for an enjoyable meal and drink whatever your taste, I had to remember my way there from the night before the 30th August, where Pat and I enjoyed with friends a wonderful evening of food and conversation.


Sara said...

Wonderful photos Brian. C and I had a private walking tour of Oxford one afternoon on our way from London to Bath in 2009. All that architecture is quite stunning. I really enjoyed Oxford.

Brian said...

A lovely way for you and C to spend an afternoon in a beautiful city.