Friday, 12 December 2014

Kingston upon Hull Marina September 2014

A walk along the Marina sides in September 2014 the first three photos were taken whilst on board the ocean going yacht Cat Zero the others from the quay sides, last would you really want to sit on that seat, it was the best one I could find. 


Sara said...

My dad loved boats and ships and served in the US Navy during WWII in the South Pacific. He loved sail boats and built a couple of models from scratch and even a real one but never finished that one. Maybe I got my love of sailing ships from him . . . anyway, there is always something special about a harbor full of boats. I really like that Humber Keel.

Brian said...

Dear Sara, so pleased these few photos of boats rekindled pleasant memories of your father for you. He building two models from scratch and attempting to build a real one. There are only two or three Humber Keels left now so I am told.


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