Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Continuing my walk around Hedon East Yorkshire

These photos conclude my walk around the village of Hedon on a cold November morning. The horse was ready for its snacks from the kind gentleman, the horse run to him the minute he appeared.


Sara said...

Hedon is an interesting place for a walk. The horse is enjoying his treats - lucky horse! The first photo with all the different colored headstones is appealing, but my favorite is the one of the pathway with the overarching trees. Makes a person want to see what's down the road.

Sara said...

PS: We received your lovely card and thank you and Pat and wish you both a Happy Christmas. One is on it's way to you also - sent it on 4 December.

Brian said...

Dear Sara, many thanks for such kind comments, that pathway was a very pleasant walk. Need to go back when warmer.

Pleased the card arrived safely, was worried I had written the address wrong!

Happy Christmas to you and Christopher also, stay safe and warm.


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