Monday, 15 April 2013

London Eye October 2008 Looking up at them Looking Down.

This photo was taken at the same time as the last one on a sunny day in October 2008 midd afternoon at the London Eye.
I have been up on the Eye but due to my disabilities had to be seated in the middle of the pod, so photos were not an option for me, I had to sit there hearing cameras clicking away, not the best feeling in the world.
None of the party I was with would go on with me at the time, so I asked a family if they would be my carer for a trip which allowed that one person to go free as the person caring for me does not pay, but I do. So everything worked out just fine.


Sara said...

It must have been frustrating not to be able to take photos. But I hope you could still enjoy the amazing views from your seat in the center of the pod.

Brian said...

Thank you, yes it was indeed frustrating but the views made up for having to sit all the time.
Your last post is beautiful and even more so on my birthday today.