Saturday, 31 January 2009


The photos were taken from The Deep (The World's only Submarium) across the roof tops, then from the pier to The Deep, and towards the Tidal Barrier that protects the River Hull from flooding. If you look closely at The Deep you can see the viewing area through the glass. The big river is the Humber and the smaller one going to the tidal barrier is the river Hull , both rivers meet underneath The Deep.

The photos across the roof tops were taken through very thick plastic on the viewing platform at the top of The Deep. That is the old part of Kingston upon Hull in the color photo looking down from The Deep to the left you can see a slope leading down into the water, this is the old horse wash that was used years ago to wash the horses that worked in the area.

In the Shark photo the far shore you can see across the river Humber is Lincolnshire, before the Humber bridge was built it could take about two hours to drive round to Immingham and Grimsby on the far bank, now it only takes about 40 minutes!!!
You will see that I have taken photos in both color and black and white, please click on them to make larger and see details better.


Sara said...

Wonderful Brian, thanks for the rooftops photo! I love it. And The Deep looks a bit like a shark; I'm sure they planned it that way. It is a very interesting building.

I wonder what the horses thought of that horse wash.

That statue of a person standing on a pillar was unexpected. So much to see in your photos; I could spend a long time looking at everything.

Willow said...

The river looks deep and muddy and reminds me of the Willamette River in Oregon where I grew up.

About Starbuck's: mine is usually an Americano with room for plenty of cream.

Barbara Martin said...

Thanks for the history with the photos. Horses once they were accustomed to going down and back up would have been fine. A good wash after a hot workout would be refreshing.

Sara said...

Hello Brian, you asked if the wisteria is in my garden. It is not IN my garden per se but along the driveway side of the house. Now we are just waiting for it to leaf out again because it makes nice shade over the back door where the morning sun beats down especially hot in summer.

Anthony said...

Amazing! Thanks for the rooftop photos. It has been years since I've last visited Kingston. I wonder what other developments are there. I love the rich architecture of the building and the glass panel windows. St Louis MO, is my new home, but I still hope to visit there this summer.

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