Tuesday, 27 January 2009


The photos were taken on the 18th January 2009 on the north bank of the river Humber, near to the country park and walk way under the bridge. All photos apart from the last one were taken within a 100 yards of each other.
The last photo is of the Pod which has Starbucks on the first floor, the Pod can be found on Junction Dock, Kingston upon Hull. UK.


Willow said...

Great photos, Brian. I particularly like the black and white ones. Just the same way I like my Starbuck's coffee!

Sara said...

Hi Brian. The Pod at Junction Dock is an interesting structure...I've never heard of Pods before. It sounds very science fiction to me!

I would love to see some city streets or more homes from your part of the world sometime - hint, hint!

That black smokestack thing was very interesting too, and looks like someone made it into a residence. I just love unusual structures like that. Thanks for sharing a bit of your world with us.


Barbara Martin said...

Brian, there is a Humber River in Toronto, too; although the bridges that go across are not as large as the one you have here. The photos are wonderful, clear in their clarity.

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