Sunday, 3 February 2008

Just for a change some photo's

Added two photo's today they were taken in St Pancras Station the day we went to Parliament, they have been added to the blog I wrote about on our visit that day the 23rd January 2008 posted on the 24th, so please scroll down and have a look. And here are a few more, all pictures were taken by me on a Canon 400D settings what ever I wanted at the time. Here are a few more, two from the steps in Trafalgar Square and two more from inside St Pancras Station.


Sara said...

Thank you for your last message. Welcome to blogging; I hope you enjoy your new adventure.

The name of your city sounded so interesting to me that I Googled it and found an article on Wikipedia. There are some similarities to Long Beach, California in that both cities are on coasts at the mouths of rivers, we have an aquarium, you have a submarium (first I've ever heard of such a thing!), and so on.

Our weather here is warming up to the high 60's (18-20C?), and is clear and sunny, for the next few days at least.

Enjoy the coming weekend. I think it's great that you are doing volunteer work and enjoying it. I read about your trip to London, it sounded like a good adventure for you and your wife. I have watched the PM's question time on TV once in a while (on CSPAN) our American eyes it's quite a lively event!

Brian said...

Hello Sara,
I am really having fun with this blogging thing, I have put some photo's on the blog of the Deep Submarium as far as I know it is the only one in the world also the River Hull we do have two rivers the other is the Humber, a very wide river in places over a mile wide. Had a look at your city on Google Earth and it looks bigger also would be a lovely place to visit, maybe we shall one day if they give me permission to fly such a long way.

Yes it was a great adventure and seeing PMs question time live in the House of Commons was fantastic, not at all like on TV. I have been following your politicians doing the rounds it looks like being a very close thing between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, will produce some more exciting TV over the coming months.

Weather nice today sunny but again on the cold side, lucky you have the nice warm weather, but I was very sad to see and read about the tornadoes killing so many, that baby being found alive was remarkable.

Nearly forgot have looked at your other photos and they are so good and they way you have done your blogs, is just great, I still have a lot to learn about blogging

Thank you so much for your last message, nice to be in touch with someone so far away, take care and please give my regards and say hello to your family, from myself and my wife Patricia Pat).