Saturday, 2 February 2008


Stroke Clubs are not only for the Stroke Survivor, but their Carers, Partners, Spouces, all of which could/would benefit from the access available to further support groups for most stroke related illnessess, or just general inquiries and help. They are also one of the best places to meet and see other people who have had a stroke or strokes and see the different ways help and support is given freely, the stroke clubs are what, you, the members want them to be, run by the stroke survivors and their carers, you will find friendship, empathy and encouragement to do different things, you could even become a committee member if you wished. we have 11 stroke clubs within Kingston upon Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire all run by the members even though help was needed to set them up at first, all are run in different ways, doing different things but always for the benefit of it's members.


Sara said...

Hello Brian, thank you for stopping by my blog and for your very kind comments....come and visit anytime.

And welcome to blogging - it appears you have just begun blogging? I've found it to be a very rewarding activity, meeting people all over the world, and you do tend to find those with similar interests after a while.

The blogs I visit most often are listed in my sidebar on my Much Ado About Something blog...I only recently started posting only photos on the Come Away With Me blog. I needed a place to put photos that I really liked but had not much to write about!

I enjoyed your photos of London...that St. P's station is quite amazing - love the ceiling structure. I hope you will post more photos as you go is always quite interesting to see the world where other people live.

Brian said...

Hello Sara, as you can see I have taken you up on your offer and paid another visit to your wonderful blog. Thank you also for your kind comments on my photo's of Saint Pancras Station, have taken a few since it opened, again, a few months ago the roof is amazing, have no idea how it stays up, but it does thank goodness.

I will post more photos, may do it the way you have a blog of just the photo's that I like and others would enjoy.

You noticed and you are right I have only just began blogging, my eldest son Ian set it up for me and said there you are have fun blogging with other people. It took me some time to comment on your blog due to nerves and I would like to say all your photos are great telling a story in their own way and in the end I overcame my nerves and typed away, so thank you.

This is a lovely way to keep in touch with other people across the other side of the world and to show them by photo’s where you live and parts of your country that you wish other people to see.

It is lovely and sunny but cold a crisp cold here today in Kingston upon Hull East Yorkshire, hope it is the same where you are?

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