Saturday, 2 August 2014

Dover Castle and the Western Heights June 2014

Dover Castle taken from various points along the Prince of Wales Pier from the start to the end near the restaurant and light house. The first five were from the pier, how it has changed over the years this was my playground way back in the 40s just after the war and well into the 50s. Back then you did not pay to enter the castle or play on the cliffs it was all free! The school I attended was just below the castle and was called Castle Mount, sadly demolished. 

The next three photos were from the Western Heights another play ground after the war, again free, great memories, there were many moats and tunnels within the heights at the time we played there, all free all open, no health and safety to spoil things. Or nosy people asking what you were doing! We know all the tunnels and moats and how to use the drawbridges leading from one area to another. My how they have been spoilt by officialdom, parts destroyed, closed off history that could have made Dover a perfect place to visit, cast aside by stupidity! The large white building in photo 6 was known as Lord Warden House and was the Custom House for many, many years.

The last four photos taken from the very end of the Prince of Wales pier, the gun turrets in the hill side are near the top of Military Hill we spent many years in my childhood playing there!