Saturday, 16 March 2013

London 22nd October 2008 London Eye

This photograph was taken on a cold October day in 2008 mid morning from under the London Eye, the pod in on the way up and part of Westminster Bridge can be seen in the background. I love taking photos showing only part of a structure. Other photographs will be published later showing part and more of the London Eye.


Sara said...

Hi Brian, I was there just eight months after you were, but did not get such a wonderful photo of the London Eye. Nor did we ride it though I had been determined to do that my first time in London. I was too tired and it was too crowded and we were walking over to Westminster Abbey to meet up with our group anyway. Maybe next time (I hope there will be a next time). IN the meantime I shall console myself with your photos.

Willow said...

When I visited London I photographed the Eye but I didn't ride it either. I agree that sometimes the details of a structure are more interesting than the whole.