Thursday, 14 June 2012

Vigo dock area continued from last blog June 2011

This is the full colour photo I said would be my next blog post as you can see give another aspect to my photographs. The dock are was so colourful in this direction but so drab in the other so not many photos take of that area. Thank you for all comments everyone is positive to me!!  


Sara said...

Ah, full color! I like this. That Icarus figure always amazes me when I see him slammed like that into the pavement!

I wonder if you might show us a photograph of what you see out your window one day...or a corner of your garden...or even a corner of your house. I miss the days I photographed my kitchen window once a month for 12 months...maybe I will try doing that again.

Brian said...

Yes I will do that, sounds a good idea!