Sunday, 13 January 2008

Well done and thank you Driffield Secondary School

It has been a long weekend, however I did have a good beginning to it on Friday at a workshop about the future of nurses careers, and was highly impressed by the young lady students from Driffield Secondary School in the East Riding of Yorkshire, their contribution was so positive and constructive, all were a credit not just to the school but their parents and teachers. It was a shame I am unable to say this about the elderly there who were so rude at times, speaking over people and out of turn, even interrupting the young students when they were making very valid comments, it was lost on some of the elderly that these young people are the future, and from my view point thank goodness they are. Oh by the way I am also elderly.

We often read about unruly children and teenagers today, but on Friday I had to have a long hard look at my own age group, and think do we really have the right to be so damn smug when some act in this fashion.


collette13 said...

Hiya, I am called Collette I was infront of you at the rugby club. I would like to thankyou very much for your comment on our school and also for supporting our views to be honest it it good for somebody to actually listen to us instead of calling us yobs. thanks alot Collette

collette13 said...
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Brian said...

Dear collette13 thank you so much for your comments, it was indeed a pleasure to hear what you young ladies had to say on the matter of Nurses Careers in the future.It was as plain as day to me if not others that you all knew your subject, and that was great. I hope you and your friends are asked to other events and workshops to talk about health matters and careers in the NHS in the future as I have said before, YOU ARE THE FUTURE.