Wednesday, 9 January 2008


The new buzz words from the Department of Health and PCTs well not new as it has been around for a bit now, but how many know about it and what it could mean to people that use the NHS.

Have the PCTs thought this out where stoke treatment and rehabilitation is concerned or are some stroke survivors in some areas going to be just dumped where the powers that be think is best for them, if you think this is a joke then have a good look at what could happen in Cumbria

If you wish to know what is going on in Cumbria UK then click on this link


Blackiswood said...

Nice to see that someone is taking notice of what is happening here in Cumbria. It really does beggar belief that, despite the recently launched stroke strategy, local PCts and acute trusts can do as they wish regardless of the consequences to stroke survivors and their families. We had to prove why we needed a stroke rehab unit years ago; we did and our unit was opened but here we are 8 / 9 years on having to do the same again. What a waste of time!!!

Come on folks - lets have your views please - let the powers that be see that Cumbria is not just a small area that doesnt matter and we do have support from other areas of the country.

Brian said...

Dear blackiswood. Nice to help and take notice of others fighting for what is their right good acute and robust stroke service, if only more stroke survivors would voice their concerns themselves to the right people and not leave it to others who think they know what we are saying or fighting for the sooner we shall make things better. Good stroke services have been known about for years now long before the last stroke strategy was announced, the questions is are they now going to deliver what is needed or are we in 5, 10, or 15 years time will we still be reading yet another consultation paper.