Saturday, 4 March 2017

Out and About February 2017 with iPhone SE

First snow in my garden, Jason replica of plane Amy Johnson flew to Australia. Memorial of the fishermen who gave their lives for us. Swimming pools where I go at 6am each morning. Bridlington harbour on a cold morning.  Taken February 2017 on my iPhone SE


June said...

Great photos Brian, lovely to see them. I hope you and Pat are well. I have moved again, I'm in much better place now, the washing machines are better, neighbours cheerier (maybe that's just me) ;) take care. June x

Brian said...

Hello June, so lovely to hear from you.... Where are you now? Pat is fine it's me thats the problem, is your email the same or has that changed to?

Take care

Brian xx

June said...

Hi Brian,
My email is the same. Thank you for following my blog, I had best start blogging and give you something to read.
See you soon xx

Brian said...

Hi June, my pleasure to follow you, shall email you soon, take care. xx