Monday, 12 September 2016

Folly Lake East Yorkshire UK

Folly Lake and Folly Lake Cafe can be found off the Beverley By-Pass in the East Riding of Yorkshire heading out of Beverley towards the Humber Bridge. 

The lake can be found off Dunflat Road.


Come Away With Me said...

Hello Brian, thank you for sharing the lovely greenery and lake. I think you have featured that snack shop before, but not from across the water. I remember the log-cabin look of its construction. The ducks look right at home there at the water's edge. What a beautiful shade of pink in the flowers They really show up against the darker greens.

Brian said...

Hello Sara, it's a wonderful place to go at any time, this being the first time I've been able to walk right round the lake, took some time, however well worth it! Yes, my other photos have always been from the log cabin and safety from a walking view point. That one flower really stood out so was crying out to be photographed.

Thank you for your comments.