Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Durham Market April 23rd 2016 on my iPhone SE

All taken from the same seat whilst resting my weary legs after walking round Durham Market on a sunny cold 23rd day April 2016
Camera used iPhone SE.


Come Away With Me said...

The second one is my favorite, with the man in the colorful clothing and all the other colors in that photo.

Willow said...

Whatever app you are using on your phone, it's amazing! Love all the different colors/styles of the same photo.

Brian said...

Sara, yes he really did make it colourful on the day, the whole market scene changed minute by minute.

Brian said...

Willow, it was the editing app in Aperture for the iPhone that I used luckily I kept it when Apple stopped using or updating. The iPhone SE has a very good camera. Thank you for comments.

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