Wednesday, 20 January 2016

River Humber October 2015

October 2015 River Humber stormy clouds, happy ducks and a clearing sky. 


Willow said...

When I see your photos of England, I am reminded of the fact that my ancestor who emigrated from North Yorkshire moved to the northern Pacific West Coast of the US because it reminded him of his childhood home--yes it does look like Washington and Oregon!

Brian said...

Hello Willow, that is such a lovely comment, thank you, I guess I am lucky to live so near to the whole of the North Yorkshire Coast. Do you remember the area your ancestor moved from? Would love to photograph it for you.

Kind regards

Come Away With Me said...

I love all the gold in these photos Brian. Having always lived in coastal towns and cities, I appreciate these water views. They do look a lot like the Pacific Northwest, one of the beautiful corners of the USA. Interesting, Willow and I both have ancestors who emigrated from Yorkshire, mine being from West Yorkshire (Halifax).

Brian said...

Hello Sara, the storm and the sun through the clouds produced the gold colour, Wonderful it reminds you of areas of the USA.
Halifax in West Yorkshire where your ancestors are from, visited many times over the years, when in England did you visit Halifax and the Piece Hall? It is now a Grade I listed Building so can't be destroyed thank goodness!

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