Sunday, 6 October 2013

Glen Finnan and Loch Shiel Scottish Highlands

Glen Finnan and Loch Shiel can be seen by driving along the A830 from Fort William to Mallaig 

The photos are around the area where Prince Edward Stuart AKA      (Bonnie Prince Charlie') landed from a small boat on the banks of Loch Shiel in 1745 on the 19th August. So the final Jacobite raising was started. The Finnan Viaduct is in Glen Finnan where the River Finnan runs into the Loch Shiel.

The Statue of the lone Highlander wearing a Kilt is the memorial to that final Jacobite Raising. It was erected about 1815 three years after the road from Arisaig to Fort William joining the two places.

There are 11 photos in all, but due to difficulty walking close views of the Finnan Viaduct not possible, but enjoy looking all the same.