Thursday, 5 April 2012

March 23rd to the 25th stroke survivors from all over the UK met in Manchester at Heald Green

The photos were taken mainly with a phone camera and eight by HD video camera they are the eight before the last two. A great time was had by all the stroke survivors, this was my first trip out since January this year so a great achievement for me.  The photo of the dog was taken on our way to the meeting when we stopped off to have coffee with a wonderful friend, who calls me NUTTY .... The dog should be named NUTTY 2.

Pip the dog and the following 5 photos were taken on the first day Friday the 23rd March 

Photos 7 to 15 were all taken inside the Trafford Centre on Saturday 24th March.

Photos 16 to 23 were taken on the evening of the 23rd at Heald Green.. 

The last 2 waiting to go home... 


Willow said...

It's obvious that everyone had a great time. I loved the photo of the bronze statues.

Sara said...

Looks like a good day out, and I'm great company and take so many photos to remember it by.

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