Sunday, 26 June 2011

Cruise sailing day 2 and 3rd Morning Morocco and Gibraltar

We are now sailing across the Bay of Biscay on day two of our cruise this covers the first 5 photos.. The first photo is of the over hanging hydrotherapy pool, one on each side of the ship. Photos 2 and 3 are on the top outside deck 11 and as you can see it was quite cloudy looking very dark..The 4th photo was taken close to the vessels web cam looking at the bow.. The 5th photo needs to be looked at closely as it is a picture made up of thousands of cotton reels, hanging at top of a flight of stairs!! The 6th was due to a lot of luck and me having my camera ready at just the right moment. Photos 7 to 10 are of the coast of Morocco North Africa on the 3rd morning early as we entered the Straights of Gibraltar, we were on the starboard side and Morocco was on that side of the straights. As the ship turned photo 11 is of the Rock of Gibraltar this was the best one! As you can see it was murky.... The next set in a few days time will be of Gibraltar from the Independence of the Seas also while on shore ..And the explosion along side as we made to set sail...This did make the international news and papers!!


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Great photos, Brian. I love the lines of the first one, and the bird in flight that you captured in one of the others. So that is the Rock of Gibralter - wow! I can't believe I've never seen photos of it before...rather amazing and I am sure that in person it was even more stunning. Love the cloud hanging over the top of the Rock.

Brian said...

Thank you Sara, yes it was some sight as the ship turned and we saw it for the first time .. The cloud stayed there all morning, pity only there for a few hours!