Sunday, 3 April 2011

Manchester and Chester March 25th to 27th 2011 The meeting up of new and old friends on the Friday and Saturday evenings.

We all met on the Friday, chatted and became more settled with our new found friends, Marie, Tina and Colin travelled by train from Manchester, Surrey and Scotland, Brenda flew down from Northern Scotland, and the remainder arrived by road. The Friday and Saturday evenings meals were enjoyed in the restaurant attached to the hotel close to Manchester Airport with the train station just 100 yards away...  The Budweiser is Marie's and the Coke mine, sorry to say I am not in any photos but not by choice.


Sara said...

Everyone seems to be having a good time. So...Budweiser, Coke, MacDonalds, Disney....all those American influences....I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing...or maybe it's just the way it is and people have more choices about what they want to eat, drink or buy? Of the four named above, the only one I ever partake in is Disney!

Brian said...

Hi Sara, they could all be on the moon for all we know. The USA is so good at influencing the world, in what we eat, drink and buy.
Take care and thank you for comments we did all have a wonderful time...

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