Tuesday, 18 November 2008


November sunsets England in midd November 2008, The first three are from Kingston upon Hull East Yorkshire Looking from North Bransholme across North Hull towards Cottingham.
The photos weretaken at !7.37 on the 2nd November

The last three are from Sandwich in Kent looking towards the Isle of Thanet again taken in early November 2008. 16:48 on the 15th November

The photos were taken with a Canon ESO 400 D, no flash or tripod was used and it was late afternoon when both sets were taken between 16:48 and 17:37 and getting very dark.

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richies said...

Those are some amazing sunsets. Thanks

An Arkie's Musings

Leslie: said...

*gasp* Those are INCREDIBLE skies! Thanks for sharing them today! :D

Sara said...

Wow Brian, those colors are really awesome! I also like it when the plant life gets silhouetted against all that color in sharp black relief.

I'm glad you are back...it seems ages since we've exchanged comments!

Good for you for keeping up with ABC Wednesday. I had to give it up...too much else going on in my life right now. I don't do well with schedules anymore since I retired either!

Bear Naked said...

One word: STUNNING!!
Unbelievable photos!!
Thank you so much for sharing.

Bear((( )))

earthlingorgeous said...

Looks like a real "red" day! Nice shots!


babooshka said...

These are absolutley stunning shots. I felted rested looking at them, so rested.

Sailor Girl said...

RED!!!!! So simple and so clever!!!! Loved it!!!

Jay said...

Very pretty! Did you enhance the colours, or was the sky really that vibrant?

Great shots, either way!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Oh my! these are stunning photos Brian.

antigoni said...

Awesome photos. Great post!

Rachella said...

These are beautiful -- obviously NOT taken in London!

Brian said...

Jay,Hi you asked if the colours in my sunsets were that vibrant yes they were was just lucky, then, again a few minutes later the red became blood red and the clouds nearly black as the light went, the others went a really dark yellow, so I should have waited.

They are however cropped!!

haleyhughes said...

Some awesome color in those sunsets. Very Red and Restful.

SLW said...

I don't know about "restful"-- those sunsets look pretty exciting to me!

Wonderful photography, Brian!

Neva said...

stunning ABC photos! very nice.

Sara said...

Hi again Brian....thanks for your comment on my night photos post. You can be relieved, I am in the driver's seat when i took the shots, but the car was not moving....lots of traffic lights and traffic on my way home every evening.


Sara said...

Brian, just stopping by to wish you all the best for the New Year. I see you haven't posted in a while - hope everything is okay in your life these days.


Maria said...

Hallo Brian, I also want to wish you all the best for the new year! Hope you will post again!

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